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The Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) Africa survey has been launched.

On behalf of the Global Young Academy (GYA) I would like to advise you that the Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) Africa survey has been launched.  The GloSYS project investigates the context in which early-career researchers today work, and the challenges and motivations that shape their career trajectories. The GloSYS team will use the data obtained from this research to develop policy recommendations that highlight the ways in which young scientists can be better supported in their research efforts and career development.

The GloSYS Africa Survey is aimed at early career researchers within and from Africa with either a Master’s or PhD degree earned within the last ten years. The GloSYS team is looking for researchers within and outside Academia in any discipline to share their experiences. You can personally contribute to helping improve the research environment in Africa by completing the short survey (available both in English and in French) and by sharing the survey widely via your professional and social networks by forwarding this email to your colleages, relevant contacts, as well as any mailing lists you may have access to. GloSYS is on Facebook and Twitter and you can help by sharing the survey there:

GloSYS Survey links: (English) (French)           

You can sign up to follow the GloSYS project and learn more about previous GloSYS studies at the website and watch a brief film about the GloSYS project on YouTube.

Thank you for helping shape the future of science in Africa!