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This is a reminder that the OWSD 25th Anniversary video competition is still
open -- we are waiting to hear from you about why you celebrate OWSD!

As a reminder, to enter in the contest, please just send a short video recording -- no more than 1 minute or so - of you explaining what OWSD means to you. This is a celebration, so keep it fun - feel free to be silly!

A few tips for recording:
1) Try to find a quiet place if you can -- away from hallway, office, background noise etc.
2) Try to avoid backlighting (i.e. standing in front of a bright window) -- overhead, direct light is best; and
3) Closer up is better than far away -- even a selfie-style video is great.

We've attached a flyer here with a few more suggestions and reminders.

You can send your videos to the OWSD Communications Assistant Erin Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or, if it's easier, you can also send them by WhatsApp to +393337266841.

Send us your videos until November 30 for a chance to be featured in a special interactive '25 Reasons to Celebrate OWSD' gallery on the website, and to win a OWSD 25th Anniversary gift bag.

We look forward very much to hearing from you, and hope you join us in celebrating this important anniversary for OWSD!