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Adekoya, Ifeoluwa Olotu

Ifeoluwa Olotu holds a Master’s degree in Food Quality Assurance from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. Her current research work is aimed at assessing the health risk associated with the presence of bacteria, fungi and their toxins in African foods.



Adey, Samantha

Dr Adey's areas of interest and capacity include agricultural research and development; technical, social and institutional aspects.  


Adenike, Adesioye Fiyinfoluwa

She was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. where she studied Microbiology (BSc.) and Environmental Microbiology (MSc.). Currently, she is doing PhD research that is aimed at identifying and understanding novel and improved hemicellulolytic enzymes for applications in the biofuel industry. It involves sequence-based metagenomic mining, molecular biology, biochemistry and x-ray crystallography.


Africa, Charlene 

Professor medical microbiology, PhD (Medicine), MSc (Dentistry), Honorary BSc Hons (Oral Biology), Diploma Clinical Pathology and Specialist Diploma Medical Microbiology. Worked in industry, state and private pathology as well as academic research institutes.   Served three terms as Deputy Dean (Gender and Equity) in the Faculty of Science, 23 years as Cluster Head for Medical Microbiology and special assistant to the Rector/Vice-Chancellor in 2014.   


Ahmed, Riham K. I

Lecturer at Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty f Mathematical Sciences, University of Khartoum where I received the bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I received the master degree in Mathematics from African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Ghana). Passionate about mathematical application in modelling simulation of physical systems.


Ajilogba, Caroline

Caroline F. Ajilogba, a postdoctoral researcher with the Microbial biotechnology research group from the biological science department of the North-West University Mafikeng campus. Her honours degree was in Food and industrial microbiology while her MSc and PhD were in Biology with specific interest in Biocontrol and Biofertilization.


Akuru, Udochukwu B

Udochukwu B. Akuru obtained both MEng and BEng degrees from University of Nigeria, in June 2013 and August 2008, respectively. He is lecturing at the University of Nigeria, but is currently on leave for his PhD at Stellenbosch University. His main research interests are in electrical drives and renewable energy.


Azote, Somiéalo

From Nationality of Togo, Mrs Somiéalo Azote is currently enrolled as a PhD student in theoretical Physics, Biophysics specialty at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.After she has obtained her scientific Baccalaureate in 2007 from Chaminade College hight school (in the city of Kara) in Togo, she continued her studies in the field of physics at Lome University. In 2011, she obtained her Bachelor degree. From August 2013, she was enrolled in Applied Mathematics,Master II Program (Biophysics specialty ) at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Senegal. There, she worked on her Master project titled '' Protrusions of the surface of the Intestine''and graduated in 2014. From April 2O15, she was admitted to a five months Master II internship at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Physics (LIPhy) at Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble, France. At LIPhy, she worked on a theoretical Biomechanics project titled ''forces, shapes and Structure of living cells''.And From September 2015, as an OWSD fellow, she has started her PhD program in theoretical Biophysics at Stellenbosch University and her PhD project is titled ''Mechanical properties of cells and modelling of structural instabilities in living tissues''.




Bialostocka, Olga

Dr Olga’s research expertise lies in the field of socio-cultural development and heritage management. She holds a PhD from Warsaw University and a DEA from Université de Paris – Sorbonne. Her experience includes work at two UNESCO World Heritage sites. She was also a Postdoc Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Olga received NRF Y rating.



Bourne, Susan

Susan Bourne completed her PhD degree at the University of Cape Town followed by a postdoctoral period in Texas, USA. She is a Professor and currently the Head of the Department of Chemistry, and a Fellow of the University of Cape Town and of the Royal Society of South Africa.





Cloete, Karen Jacqueline

Karen Cloete is currently the Co-Chair of the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS). She has a PhD in Microbiology and is currently employed at the iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences (LABS), National Research Foundation, where her research is focused on the biological applications of ion beam techniques.


Coetzee, Maureen

Professor Coetzee is a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa, Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. She is Currently Director of the Wits Research Institute for Malaria at the University of the Witwatersrand. She holds a DST/NRF Research Chair in Medical Entomology & Vector Control.She has published over 200 scientific papers and book chapters. Awards include the Elsdon Dew Medal (2014), DST Distinguished Women Scientist in the Life Sciences (2015), a Certificate of Distinction from the Council of the International Congresses of Entomology, USA (2016) and a finalist in the Standard Bank Top Women Awards (2016). She has recently been appointed to the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee of the World Health Organization.






De Beer, Christle

Christle de Beer is a full-time Engineering PhD student at Stellenbosch University (SU). Prior to pursuing her PhD she worked at the technology transfer office of the University of the Free State for 3 years, and Innovus for 2 years. She has just returned from an Erasmus mobility to UniSalento, Italy at the department of Innovation Engineering.  












Green, Kathleen

Kathleen completed her  undergraduate degree in Biomathematics after which she attended the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences for the joint Honors degree in Biomathematics (with Stellenbosch University). Earlier in 2017 she graduated with a masters she currently pursuing a PhD with the Molecular Systems Biology research group at Stellenbosch University. 









Ikuzwe, Alice

Alice Ikuzwe, was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Rwanda, a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in mathematical sciences, and Masters of Engineering (MEng) in Mechanical from University of Stellenbosch, She is currently pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering at University of Pretoria.











Kenfack, Sonia

Dr Sonia Kenfack received her PhD in April 2017 from Rhodes University, South Africa. Her PhD research focused on management of water hyacinth in the Wouri Basin (Cameroon), a project which allowed her to get the OWSD scholarship, and an equipment grant from IDEAL Wild. She likes read, travel.


Khantsi, Motlagomang

Ms Khantsi consider herself as a young dynamic woman, very motivated and constantly identify and endeavour to better scientific skills and they have to be worthwhile deserved against time effort. She is a hardworking fellow, self-driven, very independent, very motivated and capable of initiating ideas and projects. She is currently a PhD candidate specialising in Food Safety and Security, and her research is based on soil microbial biotechnology.



Kiplimo, Joyce

Dr Joyce Kiplimo is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Department Physical Sciences at the University of Kabianga Kenya. She obtained her PhD at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 2012. Joyce was born in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya were she schooled and currently resides. She attended Turesia Primary School and Sacho High School and later joined Egerton University where she completed her Bachelor of Education Science Degree. After graduation, she returned to her alma mater to teach chemistry and mathematics. From Sacho High School she moved to Moi High School, Kabarak, where she taught for eight years. Thereafter, she enrolled full-time at Egerton University for a Master in Science (MSc) degree in Chemistry. Her MSc degree enabled her to secure a position as a lecturer at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology in Kenya.




 Koofhethile, Catherine

Catherine is currently a Fogarty fellow/Postdoc working on HIV Research. her project mainly involves developing a working protocol for the quantification of proviral reservoir in people who are on Antiretroviral treatment (ART) in population studies in Botswana.





Lambarey, Humair 

I recently completed my Master’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology (University of Cape Town, South Africa). My research focused on the effects of fungal infection in maize. Currently, I’m an intern in a cancer cell biology lab where my main focus lies on breast cancer.






Mabuba, Nonhlangabezo

Dr. N Mabuba is Senior Lecturer and a Researcher at the University of Johannesburg. She is an active researcher who obtained grants from NRF (Thuthuka), Faculty of Science to do projects by supervising MSc and PhD students. She is highly engaged in community projects that promote science in high schools.


Magida, Nokuthula

Nokuthula Ethel Magida is currently enrolled for PhD in Chemistry at Nelson Mandela University. She graduated from the University of Fort Hare with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biochemistry in 2010 and Honours in Biochemistry in 2011. She obtained Masters of Science in Engineering (Chemical Engineering) in 2013 from the North-West University.


Mahlaya, Pony

Pony Baalakani Mahlaya is a postgraduate student now pursuing a Master of Science in Climate and Society in Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Ms Mahlaya has earned her Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, postgraduate diploma in teaching at University of Botswana (UB), and also gained working experience as a teaching assistant at UB.


Masvodza, Doreen Rudo

Ms Doreen Rudo Masvodza has experience as a breeder for sunflower in the national programme in Zimbabwe before joining the University of Zimbabwe and Bindura University of Science Education as a lecturer. Currently she is studying towards a PhD with the University of the Free State working on tissue culture of potato on selected Zimbabwe cultivars.




Moller, Marlo  

Dr Moller's primary research focus is on finding the genetic underpinnings of tuberculosis (TB). She is involved in several host genetic susceptibility to TB projects, which include tuberculous meningitis susceptibility, the role of ancestry in TB disease and primary immune deficiencies. She collaborates and networks extensively, both locally and internationally




Motsa, Nozipho M

Dr Motsa is a mother, crop scientist, researcher and lecturer. She began her scientific career in 2002 when she graduated with a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Swaziland. Her MSc (Agric) Agronomy is from the University of Pretoria and her PhD (Crop Science) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Support for the PhD was received from the Organization for Women in Science from the Developing World (OWSD) postgraduate fellowship program. Her discipline combines agronomy and physiology of plants. She has conducted scientific work on essential oils and on sweet potato (physiological adaptation in response to drought conditions. She is involved in scientific work that focuses on traditional/ indigenous and underutilized crops in relation to climate change (especially drought tolerance) and food security; food product development from these crops; and on evaluation of the efficacy of edible coatings on preservation of postharvest quality and shelf-life of fruits. While she is passionate about her scientific work, she is also very active in advocacy and motivational support for woman in STEM.   


Muchira, Irene Wanjiku

After graduating from University in the year 2001, Irene worked at Secondary school as a physics teacher. Later in 2008, she tutored electronics at technical institute. In September 2010 she enrolled for MSC in electronics and instrumentation at Kenyatta University. In June 2014, she joined Technical University of Mombasa as a tutorial fellow. In June 2015, she joined kirinyaga University at same position. She is currently pursuing Doctoral studies in physics (electronics and instrumentation) at Kenyatta University and University of South Africa (UNISA).

Munthali, Maggie

Maggie Munthali is a young Scientist currently pursuing her PhD in Geography at the University of Pretoria, South Africa under the sponsorship of OWSD, NRF and Faculty for the Future. Back in her country (Malawi), she is working for the Department of Forestry as a Principal Forestry Officer.


Mutshembele, Awelani

Awelani has obtained National Diploma in Biotechchnology at Durban University of Technology, BTech. in Biotechnology at Tshwane University of Technology where her in-service training was accomplished at the University of Pretoria in the Department of Genetics, Master of Science, Degree in Microbiology at the University of Venda, Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) with specialization in Zoology at University of the Free State and my research project was based at the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa.





Namayanja, Proscovia

Dr Namayanja is currently working at UKZN in Durban in the school of math, stats and computer science. She has been a lecturer here for 3 years.,and she was sponsored by TWOWS for her PhD. She graduated in 2013, and she currently supervising one master's student whose project is in graph theory.


Nkeh Chungag, Benedicta

Benedicta Ngwenchi Nkeh-Chungag (PhD Wits, MPH WSU) is a Professor of Physiology at the Walter Sisulu University, South Africa. She was an OWSD PhD Fellowship grantee (2000-2003). She is currently interested in exploring risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in children and the use of medicinal plants for treatment of hypertension in rural communities. She has experience in postgraduate student supervision and scientific publication.


Nelima, Fiona

Her focus in the socio-genomic aspects of the lives of social insects. She is currently trying to understand how Cape honeybees (Apis mellifera capensis) exert reproductive dominance over the Savanna bees (A. m. scutellata). She is passionate about pollinator conservation as a means improving food security and economic empowerment in Africa.



Ndlovu, Noluthando

Noluthando is a Researcher working for a non-profit organisation that specializes in public health research. Although she has a background in Environmental Science she is currently using her spatial analysis capabilities in the public health sector to address issues such food & nutrition, Non-communicable diseases and Tuberculosis.




Ntshotsho, Phumza

Dr Ntshontsho holds a PhD in Conservation Ecology from Stellenbosch University and works as a senior researcher at the CSIR in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She is  currently a lead author in the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) thematic assessment on Land Degradation and Restoration






Olugbile, Adetola

Adetola has a master’s degree in food microbiology and biotechnology. She is currently on her PhD programme at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and observing her OWSD sandwich fellowship at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Her research interests lie in the area of food microbiology, fermentation process, sourdough technology and food safety. She is also focused on adding high end value to underutilized agricultural produce. Recently, she was involved in a country led situational analysis on aflatoxin survey in Nigeria. Adetola enjoys watching big bang theory, live theatre, travelling, hiking, and meeting people.



Omar, Shatha

Ms. Shatha Omar is a young researcher from Yemen dedicated to developing science amongst women in her country. She is considered by her peers as tenacious in her pursuit of research excellence. Based on achieving a first-class pass, she received “The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) fellowship to continue her studies in Cape Town. Currently she is in the process of finishing her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town. Her research aims to determine the relationship between in vivo viral outgrowth in HIV-1 subtype C dual-infected individuals and Env entry efficiency, and to identify functional determinants of viral fitness of that can be used as novel targets for drug and vaccine design.


Omodanisi, Elizabeth

Elizabeth is biochemist and Biochemistry lecturer. She is a researcher seeking for a cure for diabetes, and her research endeavors also have culminated in some scientific publication as well as published abstracts.Dr Elizabeth supervises younger researchers and collaborates with other scientists in her area of research.











Ross, Natasha

Dr Ross is part of the Sensorlab research group and her research niche area is development of sustainable energy storage devices to stem our growing energy concerns. She synthesizes nanostructured cathodes to improve the stability and energy storage capacity of Lithium-ion batteries (LIB). She is also involved in developing immunosensor for fatal disease biomarkers.











Thomson, Jennifer

Jennifer (PhD Rhodes) is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town. She won the L’Oreal/UNESCO prize for Women in Science for Africa and Middle East in 2004 and has an Honorary Doctorate from the Sorbonne University. She is President of OWSD.








Van Wyk, Jo-Ansie

Professor Jo-Ansie van Wyk lectures International Politics at the University of South Africa (Unisa), Pretoria, South Africa. She has completed a D Phil (International Relations) on South Africa’s post-apartheid nuclear diplomacy.







Wilson , Ida

Dr Ida Wilson works as an agricultural researcher at ExperiCo Agri-Research Solutions in Stellenbosch. Her work focusses on finding solutions to the better management of decay in export fruit, particularly stone fruit, as well as plant disease management in various other tree and field crops, including wheat and barley.